First Time Vendors

All vendors please fill out this form. Filling out a form does not guarantee a spot. Vendors will likely be in the second room. For Registration Click here

First time reptile show vendors

We are putting together a list of things you may need.

  • HEALTHY ANIMALS, if they are not healthy don’t bring them. You will not be allowed to sell them.
  • Business cards, or some form of contact for new customers.
  • Money! Must have change and enough of it.
  • Receipt book.
  • Table cloth/s, makes your table look MUCH more professional.
  • Containers, to send animals to their new home in.
  • Extension cords and power strips, power is provided it’s your responsibility to get to it.
  • Care sheets, information on proper care of your animals.
  • Hand sanitizer, a must have.
  • Banner/signs so people know who you are.
  • Heat, you have a few options here, heat tape, lamps, cable or a GREAT IDEA an electric blanket!
  • Makers and/or labels to price and identify your animals.

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